AcquaLink® realizes state of the art solutions to provide customers with instantaneous, accurate nautical information. The instruments are designed for performance, with ease of use remaining an important attribute. The use of solely premium material, such as mineral glass lenses, guarantees the highest level of reliability and readability, as well as low energy consumption. All AcquaLink® instruments are lead-free, a token of our commitment to environmental responsibility. In line with this, our production plant is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001:2015 certified. In addition, the timelessly elegantly stylish yet modern design of AcquaLink® displays and gauges provides your cockpit with pleasant clarity. Every component of the AcquaLink® series fulfills highest standards with regard to functionality, design and quality.

The benefits of using AcquaLink®:
• Maximum precision and the deployment of pioneering technologies are equally important as ease of use and stylish design.
• All AcquaLink® components are made of high class materials, like mineral glass, stainless steel and aluminum.
• All products are manufactured below ISO 9001 certified environment.
• Our plug and play solution design concept offers a high level of installation flexibility.
• A cross-platform standard offers maximum freedom in respect of cockpit customization.
• We ensure seamless integration and optimum utilisation of AcquaLink® devices for extreme conditions at sea.
• Harmonised dashboard look.