The OceanLink® series focuses on the needs of the modern sports and leisure boats market. It provides a modular instrumentation concept for electronic navigation and engine monitoring with NMEA 2000®, J1939 and analog connectivity. The new product line offers a wide range of functions as well as great flexibility in installation and design.

The OceanLink® series provides three different master instruments as centerpieces of the system: a 4.3" TFT Display, 7" TFT touch Display and round 85 mm master instrument. All instruments are information powerhouses, multifunctional tachometers and have embedded Gateway from Analog or J1939 to NMEA 2000®. OceanLink® 85 mm Master and TFT  display show various available data (e.g. engine data, depth, course over ground and speed over ground), and send it to all NMEA 2000® devices and to up to 16 additional satellite instruments. All instruments come in a new and stylish design, with perfect to read modern dials.

The benefits of using OceanLink®:
• Easy and effective use.
• Perfectly readable engine monitoring thanks to increased performance presentation.
• The EasyLink data connection and the plug & play solution provide a flexible installation of panel and flush mounting instruments.
• Decades of experience guarantee a fully reliable, modern navigation and engine monitoring system with NMEA 2000®.
• A solid housing design completely sealed against dust and highly water resistant (IPX7 front and rear).
• High quality precision instruments designed in Switzerland.

Further advanced features:
• Master instruments with NMEA 2000® gateway functionality passing on data, e.g. engine data, to NMEA compatible devices.
• GPS Speedometer, 85 mm, features NMEA 2000® port, which passes the position, COG, SOG data to the NMEA 2000® network.
• Touch screen TFT Display.
• Gateway functionality.