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NMEA 2000® Navigation Kit Plus

Product #: A2C1352150003
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): A2C1352150003
Universal Part Number (UPN): 7640178728806
Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) : 90159000

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Product Details
The highest precision and the use of pioneering technologies are as important to us as the ease of use. To ensure reliability even under the toughest conditions, our marine products undergo extensive testing and quality assurance procedures. The Navigation Kit will become an essential crew member which ensures you top performance in the open sea, even in the most extreme situations. 
Outstanding performance:
Apart of top performance and safety Navigation Kit ensures you also a simple installation on a yacht. Navigation Kit perfectly combines all the navigation data as GPS position, COG, SOG, Fluxgate Compass, Barometer, air temperature, YAW, pitch & roll and wind data. Additionally you may read also engine RPM, liquid levels, rudder, temperature or pressure data

Wind Sensor
The wind vane turns in the direction of the wind and steers the wind
direction gauge. The wind cups records the relative wind speed which in
turn is displayed on the wind speed gauge.
NMEA 2000® Triducer Airmar Sensor
Through-hull 100 W plastic Airmar triducer provides depth, speed and
seawater temperature data. Sensor is NMEA 2000® certified and operates
up to a depth of 330 feet and at frequency of 235 kHz.
OceanLink® TFT Display 4,3"
The multifunction TFT Display is NMEA 2000® certified and features
a full 24 bit / 16 mio. colors, optically bonded display with transmissive
layer technology for perfect readability even in direct sunlight.
NMEA 2000® accessory
Cables, terminators and connectors enable easy connection of all
components to the NMEA 2000® network.
The multifunctional NavSensor is the gem of all sensors. The inertial sensor
complements the inbuilt satellite receiver module to provide accurate
readings of the speed of travel as well as the pitch & roll (up and down).
Compass readings can be displayed electronically thanks to the embeded
compass, which also facilitate course corrections in electronic autopilots.
The barometer and air temperature sensors are early indicators of
forthcoming weather conditions.

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